Sunday, September 14, 2008

Only ten minutes from my place

The Greenwich park is an oasis of tranquility, or at least, it was that Saturday afternoon. A fex people, far away from each other, squirrels and ducks, children chasing them.

No deer where the sign for them was but people hoping in vain to see them.

It was my two hours for "meeting the Artist" inside me, recommended weekly activity alone from the book the Artist's Way. I could not visit the Ranger's House and its paintings, it was closed to visitors.

He lives on the Isle of Dogs
Coming back, I sit down on the bench near the Deers sign. A lonely man begun to speak to me. "From where you are? I meet more people from elsewhere then London, here, I come often, like this place a lot. But today I am tired, my new neighbor, on Isle of Dogs, made noise and sung until three in the morning. Putting the pillow on my ears did not help."

We had a nice discussion, and toward the end, he told me the deers are on the other end, I can see them going in the forest part on the small path. After we parted, I went there, looked at them.

There were a lot, together. But they seemed to me like in a zoo more then in a forest and my camera's 5 times zoom was not enough to take a decent photo of them.
Cerfs dans Greenwich parc
Out of the park, now what?

I could take the street, be home in seven minutes, but I can also traverse by the heath, the part of the heath which is left more 'natural'.

There I met "my Artist" there I felt really something special, and took the photo I prefer for the moment from my yesterday's stroll.


  1. I'm really good at doing my Morning Pages, but Artist Dates only happen about once a months. I should aim to do them every week, as they are so refreshing and allows one to discover new things.

    I'm glad you got the chance to see the deer and take some good photos.

  2. Thanks, Fioleta. I have problem with the exercices.

  3. Interestingly, the part of the heath in your picture here looks more 'natural' but it has the shape it does because, many centuries ago, these were gravel pits, or quarries, where local people would collect stones for use in construction. Now they have been left to break out in greenery, and they are my favourite part of the heath. Other of the gravel pits on the heath are now ponds full of water.

  4. Bravo, Fioleta for the morning pages, I do them too, but often, I do begin with the blog before writing the three. I went only once as far for the Artist's Date, soon will be the second. Yes, I am sure it allows to discover new ways or things, when we do it with an open mind.

    Thanks westcombe g, even if I go now through the green and cared for part of the Heath, the more "natural" part are my preferred, also. I have discovered so far only one pond (with lots of ducks in it) are there any others?