Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the Blackheath village shop

There is a Nicolas, selling french vines in the Village, and some for not much, they call it "petits récoltes", less famous harvests.

I was amused by their different colors and etiquettes, looking "house made" more then other, or perhaps instead of not famous it does mean that people do just a few of them, having not much place for the raisins?

I did not enter, but now I am wondering.

Anyway, I found also "boulangerie" so if I wanted french bred or croissants or cakes, I'll find it there. Also, for the moment, as I am on the Weight Watcher's and try to lose more weight, I do buy whole meal bred or rye. Or even sweedish.

And of course, I do not enter Madame Chocolat boutique in the village, as much as I like it, that is a no no for the moment for me.

Near the station, there is also another shop with croissants and other goodies like that and of course, the french restaurant. A lot, I think for a small "village" center. But then, of course, Blackheath Village is not really a village...


  1. Nicolas is a great shop. The young French men who work there are usually very friendly, very helpful and very knowledgeable. Go in next time!

  2. ok! I'll go in, if not for other, to speak some french