Monday, September 8, 2008

Trafalgar square at six pm

The raining weather did not make me feel like going out but at five I had enough. I do have a great raincoat even if it is short, given to me by my son. I put it on and let's go.

The bus made me wait a lot, the Lewisham station was closed. The replacement bus and train took me finally to the Cherring Cross station, near the Trafalgar Square were people were, at six afternoon just coming out from the National Galery that was closing at that hour.

Great photo subjects and even interactions! And so many people taking photos, I was not the only one!

One can arrive to the square probably by different vehicles, I arrived by train others by car or even a bicycle ready to take one to a tour of London like it was in China. But I went away, through quiet Great Scotland Yard street to the Embarcadaire and took the boat.

In a few minutes, after a few stops, we did arrive at Greenwich - I believe, it is finally the fastest way, at least a sunday, to go to London's center!

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