Monday, September 15, 2008

Greenwich park Sunday

Went to show the deers to my grand children, but they went far away, afraid of the Sunday strollers. We did enjoy the squirrels, they were delighted for the food people gave them.

After that, at the pond inside the flower garden, very young and very old, all of us enjoyed the different kinds of ducks and birds fighting for, that day at least, abundant food they got.

As I decided to look all around the pond, I did arrive to him, reading and took a candid picture first for my People Reading group on flickr.

Greenwich park a Sunday-83Going nearer, I begun to speak with him and ask if I may take a picture: yes.

Then suddenly a squirrel approached him ASKING, yes asking for nuts he had prepared for them, or him?

The squirrel eat from his hand!

Then disappeared with his catch.

Greenwich park a Sunday-80

Towards the end, he offered me also a few nuts to attract squirrels: they do like that a lot! I had less luck with it, but did take the one waiting behind him, before going farther and leaving him to his lecture.

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