Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Afterclass group in Flickr

Each month another theme, this month are memories of holidays.

Not only we share and learn from each other every month, but it incites us to take more photos and differently in the future.

Last time I was in what I do call "holiday" - vacances in French, was at the beginning of this year, in Sicily. I had enough of the Parisian winter and lonesomeness too, and went to Palermo for 8 days.

Palermo, very interesting city and nice people too, so different also from what I imagined, but it was at Cefalu, an hour train from it that I had the mostly "holiday" feeling.
Palermo street & museum-46Cefalu, Sicile-26

Coming to London was travel, discovery, not holiday but neverless so many great memories too, already.

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