Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bookcrossing behind Waterloo

We met yesterday at Camel & Artichoke pub, near the Waterloo train station for Bookcrossing. There are always books on the shelves there, upstairs, for anyone who wants to pick them up.

Each of us brought some books, some even a load of them, but neither could we go away empty handed. More to read to each of us, book lovers, book crossers. Passing it to whoever desires them, and then leave it wherever they think someone else can pick them up.

A friendly pub is a good place to put them until someone thinks "I would like to read this!"

I was also an occasion to meet great people, others loving to read.

Some of them have lived in France even, but I also met a young woman who arrived from Russia only in July. Shy, it was her first bookcrosser's meeting, but she spoke English so much better already then me! A good occasion to discuss with many of them!

Another one teaches riding to children in all her free time, loving horses and their care. Yet another just begun a group every Monday, inciting each other to write day by day. How could I resist that?

Market tomorrowMagic mood also on the small street, Lower March, at night, just before the next day's market.

What a full and wonderful day!

Lower March is not a beautiful square like Trafalgar, nor has imposing buildings like Great Scotland Yard, but it is exactly that diversity that I adore in London.

Of course, my web still is not connected, but so what? Everything will arrive a day... (or night).

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