Friday, September 26, 2008

Est Greenwich

Yesterday, after meeting my son, I arrived early at the swimming pool and got out earlier then usual. My Freedom Pass was not yet usable.

So what? I could walk towards home, slowly.

I took an unusual route through East Greenwich main street, passing near the small shops and the huge construction site. The later has a very large image, drawn by youngsters from East London. Here is just a small part of it.

I have taken most, in parts, but the sun was against me, I'll have to go back an afternoon when the sun will shine on it, or a cloudy morning.

How many interesting things one can find when one walks instead of rushing by the bus!
Est Greenwich_0038
Ok, let's admit, an hour later, instead of going up the hill, as it was already nine o'clock, I did take the bus for two stations.

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  1. Hi there -- I love your photos. They really capture a spirit of the city, outside the perfect views I see in travelogues or James Bond films. I hope someday I get to visit. Keep on blogging.