Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Royal Festival Hall, near Waterloo

The Artist's Way is not always clear, I would even say, it is normal that it is fuzzy, what would be interesting if we knew all and seen all in advance! So I think this picture, takin at night does illustrate it well.

- How many pictures did you take tonight?
- I took 50.

Between my fifly pictures I like some I found intesting others, some express a feeling I had at the moment even more then a scene.

I arrived at the Royal Festival Hall, more then an hour before the Meeting of Artits's Way and went near the bridge, looked down. After the meeting, the night lights gave me the occasion to practice night photos: I have yet a long way to go but progress is made by practicing, not?

Also, of course, reading again the Dusk to Dawn class advices from the Afterclass group in Flickr, but at the end of this month, or end of the next, I'll be able to post some of mine taken "after the class". We can do that every end of month, toward the end of the current classes.

From now on, ten more monday evening out in London! Wanderful!

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