Saturday, September 13, 2008

A bench with view towards Kent

On the top of the Shooters Hill road, the Shooters came probably to the Hill to shoot, some time ago, there is a prairie and a bench. From this picture, you may of course not see it, but the view, on an open day goes very far, some say even to the see there, far away.

Hills, small cities, forests, you can see a lot.

Probably, even better with a long view, a big zoom, but the rest, you can imagine.

I will have to go and sit and try it out in the morning, in the evening, to see what is the best to see, to make my camera show also the great scenery from there.

In this photo, I rather took the small yellow flowers enchanting me, behind the bench. In the photo of the scenery, there is fog, one cannt see as much, even less than my eyes have seen.

But I will persist.

Oh, the red is showing on horizon through my window: the day is comming. I hope, today we will have a great weather.
Great skattering clouds
That was taken a few days before, no clouds on horizon today, only the sky becomming more and more red from blue. What does that suggest? I'll have to discover yet.

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