Tuesday, September 23, 2008

London, Chinatown

This is a candid, he did not know, he will be in the picture, and I did not ask his permission to take a photo, neither one, nor the photographer, nor the man in front.

But I did speak to him, after taking the image.

He did not feel like speaking, so I went to speak with someone else.

I met then the Professor Engin Can, doctor in alternative medicine, who was happy with the photo I have taken about him, and even send me a link to read about him.

I'll do, with pleasure, and I will also write a whole note about him.

But not today.

I am preparing for the future meetups: one today of Creative writing "dare to share" - I just love the title they found for it!

On sunday "candid photography in Covent Garden: a sens of place".

I'll have what to do!

Doors open, as I was told (in the Artist's way book)

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