Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dare to share, at the three king's pub

I did believe Farington a far away place, but it was only one train station away from the City and two from London Bridge, plus the train arriving on the same platform: a lot nicer then with the tube.

The small pub we met is near a nice corner of a small square, I liked the mood, just after people got out from work. While some were rushing home in oposite direction from me, others before another pub, on the corner, drank their beer and chatting together.

I arrived as usual early, took a humus and pita, not expensive and very good, and was given a big glass of water. I went with the water up the stairs in the room reserved for the "dare to share" creative writing group and waited until the others arrived.
The three kings (7)The three kings (6)
We vere nine towards the end. All having written something, one a song, another a wonderful scene all in monolog, others different kind of fiction that took us in many different places and cultures. It was a great experience.
Dare to Share (8) Listening Dare to Share (11)

The other pictures, taken yesterday, are in a set Dare to Share on flickr, you may see these and the others in bigger size there. So far 15, but more to come, not only of the meeting but the surrounding of the nice place where I walked around before entering the pub were we met later.
Dare to Share (2) Welcome Dare to Share (1)
Next time, I'll have to bring also something seeming more like "writing" not only "presenting myself" as one of them told me before we left, and I'll try to put it in the third person, then I can even change what I intend to write and not stick to my "reality".

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  1. It was a real pleasure to meet you at the the Dare to Share evening last week. I was at the opposite end of the table in grey with glasses.
    See you in November as I will be away for the meetings in October.