Thursday, September 4, 2008

St Johns Park's presbytere

I have been here for a few weeks already, but just now I went to the other end of my street to discover that behind the church, there is a real if small park: from the street to Shooter's Hill busy road.

Quiet corner, near a busy street.

So much diversity in London!

I set down near here to look at the newspaper I bought and missed the first day school exit.

Lever de jour-1I'll try to show some of the children in uniform: in France the uniforms are out now but I do like them.

No difference with them or less, between children from different backgounds in how they dress.

Beautiful sky from my window yesterday: each day gives me something other to marvel about, to be happy about.

Even if my telephone was still not fixed.

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  1. How delightful to find your blog!
    I enjoy it very much and look forward to sharing it with my husband. We are retired and today he went to visit fellow retirees in New York City where he used to work. Love your pictures!