Thursday, September 25, 2008

When one looks with more attention

Faringdon A quiet square, not so far from the Farington station, in Islington, London. I was immediately attracted to it. A few benches and trees, bicycles attached and unattended.

On the other corner, a pub and a few tables on the street. Some people drinking beer or coke and discussing with each other, not rushing like the others that I met when I did exit the tube, all rushing towards it. Tube or the train, from the same station!

But on the small quiet place, no one seemed in rush.

That was when I observed a strange high table: what it is for? Then farther, I see two men, with two beers near a similar table.

Not only they drink their beer and chat, but looking with more attention, I observe, but only after I put my picture on the Internet, that they smoke.

Perhaps that is why one can find now more and more outside tables in London, or was it like it before too? To be able to smoke!

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