Thursday, September 11, 2008

My phone works, but the Broad Band?

After a week (for me a lot more) the telephone really works: the calls to me are no more redirected to an unknown man at a shop, and which is also important, I can really call and use my phone!

What happens next?

Welcome to BT - but my Broad Band connexion is still not fixed and I do not see it fixed soon, as the last technician concluded that is were my filters who must have problems and decided to have send me new ones. Meanwhile, I did try the Home Hub with filters that work well at my son's house: they still do not make my broad band work.

Welcome BT to my place, but please fix now really my broad band connexion!

I'll have to admit, that now that I begun my "social life" in London, the worry about BT and my Web connection has been put a bit aside and does not worry me as much.

I met at bookcrossers and at weight watchers nice and interesting people, who also directed me to other places.

Yesterday, I went after the weight watchers meeting on top of the Shooters Hill: what a view on Kent! Then to an old house, now place for different activities, where there is a whole room full of books that you can just take home and bring back later. A library on each others honor, where also people bring the books they want to leave to the others.

I found an old book of Bernard Shaw's stories. He was better in theater then novels, but still, how enjoyable is his writing! I also entered a room with senior ladies making artistic flower bouquets, they invited me to come back with warm smiles. At the exit, I got the first schedule of all the activities taking place there, then went to enjoy the view from the top of the hill by foot.

Early morning swim, then to a fish shop in Greenwich with a lady I met at WW who recognised me at Mark and Spencer, later WW (lost two pounds), then the Shrewbury House, after lunch and computer I went for the first time pick up my grand children from their school.

Great day!

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  1. Congratulations on having some progress with BT.

    Your life sound like wonderful whirl of activity. Hope the days to come in London will be as enjoyable.