Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost there!

Good news: from yesterday afternoon my telephone line is again connected. So far, in the two weeks it was not more then 24 hours, so I'll not be too optimist for once.

I still hope.

As for this beautiful fish, near the Embarcadaire, something is missing, I cannt yet connect with the Broad Band, when I try to use the furnished CD, I am asked for my BTYahoo name and passworld.

I do not have a BTYahoo adress! How can I give it? I have never asked for one! I do have a Yahoo email, a Gmail email, how many emails do I have to use? How can I know which one the BT has given me (without me asking for it)?

I did register to the BT with my usual email, and they did accept it and given me even my phone bill through it, but how can I answer that inquiry without wich the CD refuses to finish my setup?

Oh, the automated things, when you cannt have access to a live person, who ask you do things their way and no other. In real life, there are Rules but they are Exceptions too, and at least, I could obtain (I will do some time) the answer to their question somewhere, somehow. And then, I'll be up and running on my own Web.

Two month almost without it was a pain, too long! Each time fighting to obtain some time on Internet, here or there. I am still afraid, when I suddenly could not use it from home, courtesy of a neighbour's wireless and be obliged to go at an Internet cafe or to my family's place with my "portable" wich is not so light after all?

One day, that will arrive too.

Today, I have another challenge and choice to make. Good choices. I may go to a meeting of Bookcrossers, near the Watterloo South Station, or to a Creative Writers meeting, also in center London. Alas, they meet the same day at same hour, in two different pubs.

I will probably go to the Bookcrossers, and take same books to give away with me, but I regret not being able to attend the other one too. Reading, Writing, Taking Photography, my three great passions, I was happy to find people that share it.

Perhaps, I'll try to find a fourth one, speaking. In USA, I was member of Toastmaster's and learned to speak in public from them, improving my speaking skill month by month. I am excited by how many different groups there are in London and how many different people I may met through them too.

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  1. BookCrossing sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy whatever group you choose