Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some of my pictures, the teachers of the Afterclass group choose as my prefered, wishing me happy 74th birthday. Indeed, they are also some I like even if not all of them.

The tulips, from a trip with my grand-daughter. We stopped near this roundabout and went together to take photos of the multicolored flowers. Another one, from the same day, was a short video, I can't publish, with her, dancing near the Seine and throwing a wild small flower in it with grace.

The corridor was under a hospital and frightening to me as I went to be put in a tube, alone, to examine if I do not have a cancer.

They did not find and the exam went more easy then I feared, but in the picture are somehow my feelings of the moment.

Back from the airport Charles de Gaulle, I found myself blocked, car after car we almost did not advance, only the motos spead between us, this picture taken through an open window gives also what I felt.

Discovered a beatiful woman's poster all through my town and tried to show it in the best light, when my eyes fell on that old woman with white tumbling hair, the contrast was irresistible. This picture was published in the local regional newspaper, I blurred the old's face.

The six pictures down the poster are from my walks in different arrondissements (borough?) of Paris, things that suprised me, enchanted me. the small ones, that I do love a lot, one from Transylvian roads and one from Paris, were not good resolution enough, alas. The first, because my camera then had only 3 m and the second because it is only a detail, wonderful looking on the web but not printed.

Oh, yes, so much difference between printing and screen, I forget to fast, but from now on I'll have to take care of it.

Anyway, those are some from my now almost 25 000 pictures on the web in my flickr site. If you go there, you may see one by one those I spoke here (and some others)

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