Sunday, September 21, 2008

At the British Museum

As the bus left me at the Russel square, yesterday, after a stroll there to evoke 86, Charing Cross Roads heroine, I entered the British Museum, nearby. I'll return!

One of the gardian's of the museum, I think it is what he was, had seen the movie made from it and explained me the way to go towards the Road I wanted to see.

Some very funny expressions on very old statues hold my attention. Even the snake of the fountain held one special one, all of them reminding me my dear friend, sculptress.

How much she would have liked them!

I did not stay long, a few strong impressions are enough for me one time at a museum, but strolled towards Charing Cross. On the way, through Soho and then was attracted by the nearby Chinatown lanterns and shops. And people and vitrines.

Finally I did arrive at Charing Cross, very few bookshops remain there for old books, but I did find some very fine! and also photo books shop, but mostly that is a place now for musical instruments.

From Picadilly with lots of tourists, I went to the information center on Regent street, they did want more to sell me something then give infos and directed me to the bus 12 to take for Westminster.
The bus did not arrive.

There was an anti knifes manifestation in London's center and circulation that way closed, I found out finally. You may ban guns, but knifes? How would we cut our meat or even bred then? Violence, alas, is not fought by banners.

I had lots of very different experiences yesterday in the center, from very quiet streets and parks, to busy streets with lots of cars going very slow, people alone or together on the grass and tourists posing here and there, lots of places I feel like returning soon.

I would like to eat at a Chineese restaurant, then buy some old books, also visit some other rooms in the museum. Meet some other people, too. Or, the same.

Here, a slide show of some of my pictures from yesterday.

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  1. What a marvellous day you spent yesterday. Thank you for taking us with you for a quick visit.

    Your lively curiosity everyday must be a strong motor to go outside again and again to meet people and visit places.

    Poème de Vie